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Child Custody

Here at the Law Offices of Susan Alexander, P.S., we have many years of experience representing clients in child custody cases, and we understand all of the complex child custody laws that apply in the state of Washington. If you are planning to file for child custody or visitation rights, or if you are already involved in a custody battle, please contact the Law Offices of Susan Alexander, P.S. today to learn more about your rights under Washington law or to schedule a consultation. We hope to hear from you soon!
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Divorce & Separation

The decision to pursue divorce is a difficult one, but it is only the beginning of what has the potential to be a long and painful process. A variety of issues must be ironed out -- especially those involving finances and childcare. Arrangements related to child custody, visitation, spousal support, child support, and division of property must be made before the former spouses can finally go their separate ways. Susan Alexander is very familiar with the intricacies of these and other divorce matters; she helps clients bring divorce cases to a close in the most peaceful manner possible, while still representing their best interests.
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Family Law

Many legal matters have quiet beginnings, including Family Law issues. When people form a unique relationship through marriage or a legal partnership, Family Law sets forth certain regulations that are designed to strengthen and benefit various family relationships. Children, parents and others may look to the legal system for help with a variety of family matters, especially if there are disputes that need resolution.
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